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Insurance Defense Investigations

Legal Investigations, Inc has been conducting insurance investigations since 1973 in the worker’s comp, bodily injury, disability and property/casualty areas. Our staff provides surveillance, still photos and video, and conducts extensive background investigations on claimants. LII conducts activity checks for limited budget cases and supports SIU units and adjusters in everyday claims defense.

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fund Workers’ compensation fraud has cost property and casualty insurers more than $120 billion. Here are some potential red flags which may make a claim worthy of an investigation.

  • Claimant has a short-term employment history.
  • Seasonal position and the season is ending.
  • Holidays are near; claimant wants more time off instead of using vacation time.
  • Claimant was about to be fired.
  • Claimant having money or financial problems.
  • Claimant has filed similar claims in the past.
  • Claimant was recently reprimanded or laid off.
  • No witness to the accident.
  • Rumors the accident was bogus.
  • Claimant failed to report the accident for several days.
  • Accident occurred on Monday or Friday.
  • First report of injury and medical report are inconsistent.
  • Claimant frequently misses doctor’s appointments.
  • Claimant refuses certain procedures.
  • Seem anxious for quick settlement.
  • Claimant cannot be reached during the day or only returns phone calls.
  • Claimant provides only post office box or cellphone number for contact information.
  • Not interested in light duty work.
  • Claimant continues to reinjure him/herself when returning to work.
  • Bad feeling about the claim.

These are possible indicators of fraud, but there is no fool proof device to determine fraud…


Insurance Services

Surveillance investigations include video documentation of the claimant’s daily activities accompanied by a comprehensive written report outlining the events taking place while conducting surveillance. Photos are extracted from the video and placed in the written report with video prepared in CD or VHS formats.

Surveillance Team
Our surveillance team is highly trained with 80 hours of classroom and fieldwork training. Our investigators have degrees in the criminal justice field, prior law enforcement and/or military experience with annual training.

Statements or Field Interviews
Conduct interviews with claimant and witness surrounding the accident . Interviews includes written or recorded statement to determine the cause of the accident.

Activity Check
A detailed report of the claimant’s residence, to include condition (well cared for or not), any signs of home based business, extra curriculum activities/equipment, neighborhood and surroundings to determine how feasible surveillance could be conducted in a discreet manner.

Alive and Well Check
Confirm with your claimant he/she is not deceased and receiving their benefits. Face-to-face interview with the claimant to confirm SSN, address, and telephone number. Determine if there are any additional problems, medical treatment, medications, physical therapy and living conditions at the residence.

Locate Claimant
Database searches and fieldwork to locate the claimant. Interview at last known address, relatives and check local, county and state correctional facilities.

AOE/COE Interview
Investigation provides our clients with a recorded field interview. Obtain personal records and medical information, and release forms from the claimant.

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