Our Successful Investigations

Domestic Investigations 

We've been involved in over 10,000 domestic investigations throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.  Our investigations have helped clients obtain the best possible outcomes in divorce proceedings.

Some of our Best Stories... 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The subject of the investigation took a plane to New York City and then hopped on a train and into a taxi. Our investigators were able to follow the subject to her destination which was a hotel where she met her boyfriend. 

We were able to show video documentation of an overnight of opportunity and displays of affection which led to immediate divorce and no alimony for the subject.

Viva Mexico

The subject of the investigation was a high level executive who had security detail traveling with him into Mexico City. Our investigators traveled with the subject and later heard him inside his room say I know my wife hired private investigators, but they would never find me here, while the investigators stood just outside his doorway. 

His senorita was later identified which led to our client receiving a very satisfying settlement.

You're Going on a Business Trip???

The subject of the investigation traveled to Santa Barbara, California for a business trip. The subject forgot to inform his spouse that his paramour would be accompanying him. Our investigators were able to follow both parties via air to California. 

We were able to observe them staying 2 nights inside the same hotel room and observe an abundant display of affection. Our client’s counsel was able to settle the divorce in favor of our client.

You want how much alimony?

The subject of our investigation was seeking $17,000 a month in alimony from our client. A month of patience from our client and persistence from our investigation team we were able to document an affair between her and a co-worker. 

Video documentation was obtained of the subject going to a local hotel on various occasions with the paramour. The result…our client saved $200,000 a year in alimony payments.

Here are what a few of our clients have said...

"They do not waste time or money..."

Legal Investigations is an incredibly professional private investigation service. They actually meet with you to understand your story and needs and put together a plan of action that works best for your unique situation. They do not waste time or money, they keep you updated, and they get the job done. The only situation worse than finding out your spouse is unfaithful, is not find out. Rick in particular has a wealth of experience and compassion for how difficult a decision it is to use a private investigator.
April Bowers

"Legal Investigations is second to none!"

Legal Investigations is second to none! My attorney recommended Mike and Rick to help prove cohabitation in hopes of terminating spousal support. They worked closely with me and my attorney to develop a clear strategy to prove my case. Rick kept me informed every step of the way. In the end, their team provided the irrefutable proof needed to make my case rock solid. They are resourceful, highly dedicated, and always professional. I simply would not have been successful without them!

"If you need the truth they will find it and they are worth every penny!"

I cannot say enough positive comments about Rick and his team's quality service. They are professional, competent and extremely effective in investigative work. They quickly confirmed my wife's affair and provided constant updates through the whole process. When it came to trial, they provided expert witness testimony to help me obtain the best possible outcome. If you need the truth they will find it and they are worth every penny!

"I can’t recommend Legal Investigations Inc highly enough."

I can’t recommend Legal Investigations Inc highly enough. Within days of being hired, they confirmed what had been suspected. They have a great understanding of what needs to be done and the legal standards to be met in court. They are very very professional and both Rick and Mike were easy to work with and kept my legal team and me fully informed as the investigation progressed and when it concluded. Definitely 5 Stars!
Joe Graf

"Highly recommend legal investigations."

Professional doesn’t begin to describe Legal Investigations. I made a call on the recommendation of counsel 2 days later they met me in my home; we went over details and points of opportunity. That weekend not only did they get evidence I needed for court but the pictures were so crystal clear it seems like they were only feet away. Thanks to their work I was able to settle my divorce out of court avoiding legal fees and a high spousal support bill.
Wesley Hill

"If it were possible I'd give them 10 stars!"

If it were possible I'd give them 10 stars! I cannot say enough positive things about this organization. Everything from our initial meeting, to all of the hours of surveillance, to the trial where they testified, Legal Investigations was the definition of professionalism. Our case involved the safety/security of children. Legal Investigations made sure we were kept in the loop, often times on a minute by minute basis. There were multiple times when I called about a potential active threat towards the kids, and with little to no warning, Rick would completely rearrange the schedule to get eyes on them fast. Having that kind of dedication is a rare thing these days, and thanks in part to that dedication, the kids are in a much safer environment today. I also appreciated that they make sure you're aware of the financial status along the way; i.e. they don't spend your money until you authorize it, so there's no surprises. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need to hire a private investigator, then Legal Investigations is the company to call.
AS Ram

"He confirmed my wife's dishonesty within two hours."

I can't possibly compliment Legal Investigations enough. I went to them in desperation. I suspected that my wife was being "dishonest." Rick listened to my story and my concerns and immediately began surveillance. He confirmed my wife's dishonesty within two hours. Everybody at Legal Investigations was 100 percent professional, helpful, honest, and hard-working. I'm divorced now, and Legal Investigations enabled me to negotiate the best settlement possible. I'll be forever indebted.
John Kiriakou

How can we help you today?

Legal Investigations provides private investigator services to the greater Washington DC Metro area, including the communities of:

Arlington County, VA
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Fairfax County, VA
Great Falls
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Legal Investigations, Inc has been providing private investigators to the Washington, DC area for nearly 50 years.  We are well established and highly effective professionals capable of providing any type of investigation that you might need.
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