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The possibility that the person you chose to spend your life with is being unfaithful is truly devastating.

Legal Investigations Inc. understands how important it is to get answers . . . real answers. Only a private investigator has the experience and knowledge of how to gather hard evidence in a legal and discreet way.

The proof of infidelity may be very difficult to receive, but in the long run, evidence will be able to help with the legal rulings regarding aspects of divorce and child custody . . . to be in your favor. Proof of infidelity can lead to important decisions regarding alimony payments, division of marital assets, and child custody. Legal Investigations Inc is here to help you with domestic relations investigations.

For over 35 years Legal Investigations, Inc. has conducted over 4000 domestic cases that have included marital infidelity, child custody matters, and background investigations. All investigations are conducted to ensure effective testimony in court. Photographs and videotape are standard to insure that testimony and evidence will be effective in court. Contact us today to discuss how we can start helping you.

After interviewing thousands of clients, several indications of adultery consistently appear. These warning signs should not be ignored.

  • You suspect something is wrong.
  • Your spouse is absent for an unexplained amount of time.
  • Your spouse has undergone sudden physical changes: weight loss, desire to be physical fit, change of hairstyle, plastic surgery, etc.
  • Changes in sexual desire and sexual intimacy.
  • Your spouse wants to be left alone and does not want to spend very much time together.
  • Your spouse makes excuses about not having sex.
  • Your spouse exhibits signs of guilt, such as, giving gifts after unexplained absences.
  • Your spouse suddenly tries to change your attitude or appearance.
  • Your spouse starts to speak in different sayings that they have not used before.
  • Your spouse lacks interest in household functions, such as spending time with the family.
  • Your spouse uses the computer more than normal or at odd hours of the night. They may shut off the computer when you enter the room.
  • Your spouse is text messaging more frequently.

In some instances, spouses are careless or want to be caught. They will often do the following:

  • Leave notes or messages in their pockets.
  • Leave messages on cell phones.
  • Carry birth control when not usually used or Viagra.
  • Leave credit card or cell phone bills around with incriminating evidence of an affair. Cell phone bills will show calls at inappropriate times.
  • Leave email messages to be found.
  • Leave stained clothes (underwear) in car or gym bag, carry a change of clothes to work.
  • Buy sexy new underwear.
  • Keep car locked or office room locked.
Overall, the most consistent factor is that the spouse suspects their partner is having an affair, and from our history, where there is smoke, there is usually a fire! Call LII today to find out more information about domestic relations investigations . . . your future depends on it. image
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