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private detective woodbridgeCriminal defense investigations are an integral part to many criminal cases. Criminal defense investigators must be trained and experienced in order to thoroughly examine and verify many aspects of the case such as: law enforcement investigation, witness reports, witness health and credibility, and review evidence. Often, criminal defense investigators are able to find inconsistencies in the prosecution's case or in the evidence. Because of our experience, Legal Investigations, Inc has become a trusted and professional choice for criminal defense investigations.

Legal Investigations, Inc. has conducted successful defense investigations for such crimes as:

  • embezzlement
  • rape
  • murder
  • armed robbery
  • forgery

    Criminal defense investigations are very specific in nature, but contain elements of a basic investigation. These include:
  • Complete witness background checks
  • Witness location verification
  • Evidence analysis
  • Polygraph examination
  • Surveillance
  • Crime reenactment using video equipment,
  • Jury venire

Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examinations, also known as lie detector tests, can also be an important aspect of an investigation. Michael J. Russell has conducted several hundred polygraph exams since 1984. Specific issue exams are conducted either in-house or at counsel's office upon request.

Both criminal defense investigation services and polygraph examinations are available at our offices in Alexandria, Leesburg, La Plata and throughout the states of Virginia and Maryland.


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